hand and foot care

bello pedicure

Sheer luxury! Enjoy a warm, hydrating mask or paraffin dip during this treatment, plus all the makings of an indulgent nail service. Includes soak, exfoliation, massage, cuticle care, clip, file and polish.

pedicure | 75 minutes $70

spa pedicure

Indulge in this classic pedicure and enjoy a warm soak, exfoliation, callous work and massage followed by cuticle treatment, smoothing, buffing and the perfect polish.

pedicure | 60 minutes $60

spa manicure

Indulge in this classic manicure and enjoy a warm soak, hydrating paraffin dip, massage, cuticle treatment, shaping and the perfect polish.

manicure | 60 minutes $50

refresher manicure & pedicure

Indulge yourself with a soak, refining of the cuticles and nails, and an application of polish. Pedicure service only: Your choice of massage or light callous work

pedicure | 45 minutes $50
manicure | 45 minutes $40

no-frills pedicure

For the client on the go. Service includes nails shaped, light cuticle care and, an application of lotion, followed by the perfect polish or buffing. If you would like to skip the polish or buffing we will substitute with massage.

pedicure | 30 minutes $40

seasonal pedicure

As the seasons change, so does this service! Includes warm soak, seasonal scrub & mask, massage, cuticle care and polish. »View our current seasonal indulgences.

pedicure | 75 minutes $70

cocktail pedicure

Put your feet up and enjoy this cocktail pedicure! A classic 60 minute pedicure with a twist. »View our current cocktail pedicures.

pedicure | 60 minutes $65

pale ale pedicure

Enjoy a relaxing foot treatment while sipping on an ice cold locally brewed beer! Includes a warm soak to recharge tired feet, nail trimming and shaping along with exfoliation, callous work, paraffin treatment and a massage. Does not include polish - may substitute polish for paraffin or massage. »View our other seasonal specials.

pedicure | 60 minutes $65

don't be so callus!

For our active, outdoor clients who put their feet through a workout, this unusually beneficial pedicure concentrates on ridding your feet of calluses. Includes foot soak, massage, cuticle treatment and polish.

pedicure | 75 minutes $70

classic polish change — choose hands or feet

15 minutes $15

gel pedicures

gel polish manicure

This long-lasting manicure is the latest breakthrough in nail technology, offering incredible shine that lasts twice as long as regular polish – perfect for busy schedules, those on extended holiday or any occasion that demands long-lasting color that dries instantly.


gel polish pedicure add-on

This long-lasting gel polish is perfect for busy schedules or any occasion that demands long-lasting color that dries instantly. Must request gel polish when booking. Add to bello, spa, refresher or cocktail pedicure.

$10 add on only

gel polish soak off

add on | 15 minutes $10
stand-alone | 30 minutes $15


Prices are subject to change.

To protect the health of all of our guests, technicians reserve the right to refuse service to anyone with active toenail fungus. Please read details about spa etiquette and policies here.